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Many companies still operate with the mindset of following best practices; methods and techniques that have been proven to work above and beyond the norm. I’m often astounded at the number of clients that concern themselves with their industry’s best practices. When I consult on their brand’s digital presence, I’m often asked “Are we following […]

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Back in the day when Google first open sourced its mobile operating system (Android), I immediately knew I wanted to jump on that bandwagon. What transpired shortly had catapulted me into the realm of startups, mobile apps, augmented reality, location based services, and 3D printing. This was all back in 2009/2010. My first thought was […]

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How ?

I consult businesses and individuals on how to leverage the power of the internet (period) There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of people claiming to do the same thing. Some of them believe they  know what they’re doing. Most of them don’t know jack shit. A lot of them talk through their asses and regurgitate […]

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